A Wallflower's Script

Musings of a chai girl

Cologne in Berlin

  Super cute replica of the 13th to 15th Century old houses of the Cologne Fish Market. Feels...

Aerial View of Reykjavik

A view of this friendly city from the top of its most famous church.  Post about our trip coming soon....

Autumn in my Heart

I am feeling giddy experiencing autumn for the first time in this city where people speak different tongues aside from the language that I fought so hard to learn for 6 months, two years ago.

Flightless Bird, American Mouth Meaning

I feel so guilty making this one of my favorite songs just because of the melody and not paying attention to the lyrics.

His Kiss

My lips touched his Now, this is bliss His tongue searched mine... Ohh... I'm on a high.

Loved by You

You say slouch I'm pretty But I am not. I and act clumsy. Yet you say I'm hot. Then I looked into your eyes And there I saw. How beautiful I can be When I am loved by you.

White Lies and Promises

When he promised me the sky, You gave me sunshine. He promised to stay. You never said goodbye. He told me he loved me, You told me you could. The lies you said.. Just to make me feel good.

Starting Summer2016 Just Right

A tale of our spontaneous Pamilacan Trip last April 2.

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